October 09, 2006

greedtube-earn $ from youtube

GreedTube is a service that allow users to embed YouTube video and make money via Google adsense.Greedtube shares fifty percent of all the ad revenue made on the videos you submit!

Note:I can manage my account in greedtube.Why?because they don't provide register link at all and it's needless.you just embed video and the adsense id,that all.

view the demo
more details

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Blog Look -top list of Taiwan blogs

bloggers in Taiwan make up a project called Blog Look (部落格观察) to estimate the rank of Taiwan bloggers.The Blog Look  will rate a blog based on several factors, such as
  • Number of pages indexed by Google
  • Number of Google, Yahoo and Google Blogsearch backlinks
  • Technorati rank
  • Blog influence number
  • Bloglines subscription data
  • Number of de.icio.us bookmarks on the URL
  • and more
In the list of Blog Looks' rank,we see the most influential blog in Taiwan is a comic blog called 彎彎~用漫畫寫日誌 -

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Box.net update!

A few things to notice from the change:

* Faster download speeds

* Faster site browsing

* Ability to delete a file on the right click menu

* Share folders while you’re INSIDE the folder! (finally)


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October 08, 2006

IE7 Is Coming This October

News from IEBlog ,they say The final release of IE7 is fast approaching and will be delivered to customers via Automatic Updates a few weeks after it’s available for download. I doubt the safety of IE7,still many bugs were found in the previous IE7 RC 1 .Of course i want IE7 to be released as quickly as better,but, if the developers speed up the process IE7 may fall in the trouble of bugs and security problems. Technorati Tags:

Zoho Single Sign-on

The unified Zoho sign-in is finally over.

Now users are able to login Zoho Show、Zoho Creator、Zoho Sheet、Zoho Planner、Zoho Chat and Zoho Writer with a single user name and password.More Zoho services will be brought under this unified system in the near future.

IF people have register the zoho apps with different emails,they can refer the instruction in help doc.

via zoho blog

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October 06, 2006

Google blogsearch Pinger

Today we're launching the Google Blog Search Pinging Service, which is a way for individual bloggers and blog platform providers to inform us of content changes. Blogging providers who syndicate RSS/Atom/XML and want to be included in our Blog Search index can now ping us directly. We'll continue to monitor other pinging services and will contribute change notifications to the community. Read more at our FAQ. via
If you use Word Press you can add (http://blogsearch.google.com/ping/RPC2), in the dashboard to automatically update Google whenever you create a new post. or,using windows Live Writer,add http://blogsearch.google.com/ping/RPC2 into Live Writer----Tools----Preferences-----ping servers People who use other blog system,have to ping http://blogsearch.google.com/ping manually. Technorati Tags: , , ,

October 05, 2006

Web 2.0 Toolbar

The Web 2.0 Toolbar is a Firefox/IE toolbar that aggregates the Social Search, Social Bookmarking, Social Pics, Social Video and Social News websites.We can call it a mashup browser.

The only thing that attract me to install Web 2.0 Toolbar is the convenient,for it contains many web2.0 search engines and online Bookmarking,easy to use they by clicking the right button,that's all!Very useful to me(lazy boy :) )

you know Flock called itself the social web browser an combine many Web2.0 services to the browser,however,Flock just like a special Firefox with some web2.0 add-on.Now,i think The Web 2.0 Toolbar is challenging Flock.What do you think?

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WriteToMyBlog is a free web word processor for your Blog. Based on TinyMCE(a platform independent web based Javascript HTML WYSIWYG editor control released as Open Source under LGPL by Moxiecode Systems AB. It has the ability to convert HTML TEXTAREA fields or other HTML elements to editor instances. ) Now it supports TP、Google Blogger、WP、MT etc. It another choice of bloggers who like to use Writely or Zoho Writer to post their blogs.to be honestly,I dont think WriteToMyBlog is important as there are many word processor for Blogs. I was astonished to konw that they put word processor directly on the homepage -_- what are they thinking about? Technorati Tags:

Post to the Blogger beta from Picasa

google's blogger beta blog announced that blogger beta had been updated,and now users are able to post photos directly from Google’s Picasa photo organizer.

how to?

Click the Picasa’s BlogThis! button!
Although it sounds easy,when i was testing,Picasa used up neally all of My CPU (90%+)

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October 04, 2006

Chinese Blogger Conference 2006

The second Chinese Blogger Conference will be held on 28th and 29th October in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province.

Chinese Blogger Conference is an annual event sponsored by Social Brain Foundation, and organized by volunteers online, for weblog enthusiasts and entrepreneurs to gather together to discuss interesting topics.

From the proposed schedule, the topics will cover blogging, web 2.0 starups, wikipedia, pocasting, education, cracking skype protocol and many others. The speakers include Keso, the most famous IT blogger in China, Jeremy Goldkorn, chief editor of Danwei.org, and Bo Yang, founder of Douban. I’ll also be a panelist for a panel named “web 2.0: startups and investment” on 29 Oct.

via cwrblog

September 30, 2006

Windows Live Writer 1.0 (Beta) Update

a summary of the changes in the Writer 1.0 (Beta) Update:
  • Tagging support
  • Support for Blogger Beta
  • Categories are sorted by name and support scrolling, plus improved support for reading categories from your blog
  • Improved startup performance
  • Paste is enabled for Title region and TAB/SHIFT+TAB navigation between title and body supported
  • Insert hyperlink added to context menu when text is selected
  • Title attribute in Insert Link dialog
  • Custom date support for Community Server
  • Improved keyboard shortcuts for switching views
  • Change spell-check shortcut key to F7
  • Add 'png' to insert image dialog file type filter
  • More robust image posting to Live Spaces
  • Improved style detection for blogs 
  • Fixed issues with pasting URLs and links
  • Remember last window size and position when opening a new post
  • Open post dialog retrieves more than 25 old post
Download it!

Live Writer Blog says it support Blogger beta,but i can add my beta account in Live Writer.after reading the commnets in this post,im sure that there are still many bugs.

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September 28, 2006

evoca's biggest upgrade

Evoca is an podcast startup located in Georgia US,their service is about Podcast media hosting , editing and so on.Recently,they have make a big upgrade.

Yesterday we launched our biggest upgrade yet. Although we didn't officially announce an upgrade, we made obvious improvements to our profiling system and user connectivity. Y'all spoke up and we listened. Now the Evoca community can communicate by audio message to each other as well as leave personal comments, be notified by email of new recordings, set their preferences, and create an awesome profile. And if that weren't enough we used some spiffy AJAX!
via evoca blog

Maybe that is the first Social Networking Voicemail service over the world.

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Top 10 Web 2.0 Winners

Not long ago,Micael Calore said that Web 2.0 Losers are Odeo、Squidoo、Edgeio、Flock、Netscape、Microsoft、AOL、Bloglines、SixApart and Technorati.

Yesterday,I saw they wrote another post with a similar title Top 10 Web 2.0 Winners ,this time they take Myspace、WordPress、Flickr、YouTube、Revver、MetaCafe、Newsvine、Yahoo、Digg、 Skype、Facebook as Top 10 Web 2.0 Winners.

I dont understand...

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a collection of China Blog search engines

If you know that Technorati has been blocked in China for a long time,then it will be easy to understand why China has so many foolish and useless Blog search engines that even can find out my Blog!

However,i feel make a collection list of them will be help some foreigners who may be interested in investing these rubbish engines :)

http://www.oao.cn/   the founder fo oao says his search engine has the largest database in China,tracking over 4 million blogs.  Plz don't take him and his site too serious,the are totally untrue

http://www.okrss.com/   powered by newsants

   another rubbish site...

http://www.8fang.net/   tracking 23376 chinese rss and ATOM,nobody konws what happen to it recently,may be you can't open its homepage

http://www.grass.org.cn/   lt seems to be closed...

http://www.cnblog.org/      a formal Blog search engine

http://www.podlook.com/    podcast search engine

http://www.feedss.com      few information can be found in the internet,just so so

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China podcast sites list

After the explosion influence of Youtube,many chinese companys copyed the mode of US podcast sites and provide more functions to attrack the potential Podcasters.

so,here is a list:



http://www.tudou.com/        the earliest







http://www.im.tv/          hosted in Taiwan

















collected by riku

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poems form Zoho menbers

Online Office Zoho members T.Tallent & The Happy Reader sometimes will write meaningful poems like below:
Yo ho ho
I discovered Zoho
I created a doc
web-based (no shock).
With just a little moxy
I tried out 30 boxes
Input a few dates
and I'm feeling just great
But it's getting kind of late
And this rhyme's begun to deflate......

- T.Tallent
It's Monday night, my brain is fried,
But I want that player, so I tried.
First in Zoho, but it wouldn't blog,
So now in Writely, I continue to slog.

It's really cool, many uses I can see,
Plus advantages for you and me.
Open anywhere, no discs, no fuss.
Of all the tools, this is a must.

So goodnight, bloggers fair.
I'll try to post this, do I dare?
Third time is charmed, I hope and pray,
Because it's way too late to play!

- The Happy Reader

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September 23, 2006

Add your URL to China search engines

everybody knows that china has the laregest population of the world,most people think China is a potention Market and this will become true in the near future. so what shall we do? just to add the url of your english sites to the following search engines,and i believe this may help some educated Chinese to seek you..

baidu http://www.baidu.com/search/url_submit.htm
sina   http://iask.com/guest/add_url.php
sohu  http://db.sohu.com/regurl/regform.asp?Step=REGFORM&class=
tianwang http://home.tianwang.com/denglu.htm
yahoo China  http://cn.yahoo.com/docs/info/suggest.html
Google China http://www.google.com/intl/zh-CN/add_url.html
sobao http://search.sobao.com/Computers_and_Internet/Personal/
focus http://search.focus.com.cn/search/search_newurl_register.ecgi
xietong http://www.net2asp.com.cn/search/regform.htm
inhe http://search.inhe.net/navigate.asp
china-holiday http://www.china-holiday.com/newterms/hall/it/sort.asp?sortid=259
shanxi http://www.shanxi.net.cn/sxhulian/addcate.asp
wangluoqibing http://www.net7b.com/net7b_site/denglu/index.asp
szfox http://www.szfox.com/search/
beijixing http://www.beijixing.com.cn/bjx01/search/regi_1.asp 
yifan http://www.gotofind.com/opendir/ 
law-lib http://www.law-lib.com/lawseek/wzdl.asp
wzonline http://www.wzonline.com.cn/ 
cnjjl http://www.cnjjl.com/other/ 
sunwukong http://www.sunwukong.cn/add.php  
maotouying http://www.owlchina.com/publish.asp?l=pub 
kaixi http://www2d.biglobe.ne.jp/~kinryou/cgi/url.html 
ebsee http://www.ebsee.com/cgi-bin/find/find.cgi?menu=add 
focus  http://search.focus.com.cn/search/search_newurl_register.ecgi
zhao5.com http://www.zhao5.com/deng_9.htm 
360hang http://www.360hang.com/ 
China168 http://www.china168.com/chaoshi/it/regsta1.asp?sortid=242 
cncar http://www.cncar.net/search/addsite.asp
shengdare http://www.shengdarealestate.com.cn/search/sort.asp?sortid=37 
haodx http://dir.haodx.com/computer/internet/search/search_egines/ 
chinasearch http://service.chinasearch.com.cn/zhongsou/wzdl/free_protocol.htm 
ne163 http://www.ne163.com/ 
gdyj http://www.gdyj.com/  
taida http://www.tedanet.com/search/index.asp 
Y28 Search http://www.y28.com/cgi-bin/link/join.pl

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September 21, 2006

who are Web2.0 Winners and Losers

Michael Calore writes a good post Web 2.0 Winners and Losers

he think the Winners are Flickr、Odeo、Writely、del.icio.us and NetVibes,while losers are MySpace、Squidoo、Browzar、Fo.rtuito.us and Friendster.

do you agree his point of view?

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Apple Bloopers

Some of Steve Jobs' more humbling keynot
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lala.com-Trade CDs for $1

la la is a club for music fans.They say Trade CDs for $1,1.8 million available titles!
this site will help you to trade-in your old CDs for new music

How it works?
  1. list CDs you have
  2. ship CDs to other menbers
  3. get CDs from other members
  4. and so on

September 20, 2006

13 ways to increase your rss subscribers

there are some posts about how to increase rss subscribers,and now i gave my answer
  1. use feedburner FeedCount show off your feed circulation,beside feedburner feed are permanet that means you don't have to worry about moving to other BSP or Blog system.
  2. only one feed! Do you think that it's necessarily to supply more than one feeds for a Blog?
  3. write a post with the title Welcome to subscribe my feed,and you are supposed to teach the readers how to subscribe in the content.
  4. Full article i believe most audiences like to read the feeds with full articles instand of summary.
  5. put Feed button in the sidebar people are lazy,the easier the better.why not try feedbutton?
  6. Optimize your feed Wordpress users may find these plugins useful.Feedburner also provide convenience functions,like PingShot, SmartFeed, FeedFlare, BuzzBoost.
  7. use significant feed icon Anything Goes Marketing has collect some wonderful icons.
  8. make it default for browser add the following code between in your themplate < rel="alternate" type="application/rss+xml" title="feed name” >
  9. submit to any websites the can submit to catch more eyes,add (recomment!) beside your feed name so that others may confuse
  10. use web-based feed reader most web-based feed readers can display the number of feed subscribers(like bloglines) and some users are willing to public their opml which may help you to promote.
  11. Attractive titles seldom did i click the posts with boring titles when using rss reader.
  12. Email RSS feed this make your blog more friendly and professional. i like feedblitz
  13. display the feed count how to judge a Blog? one instant way is to see its feed count!
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September 12, 2006

text-image -convert image to text

you can easily generate cool text-images from almost any picture you have on your computer.
Please take a look at our Sample pages to see what the finished text-images can look like!

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which soft make our computer slow?

The PC Spy made a research about "What Slows Windows Down?" and the results is as below.
  1. Norton
  2. 1000fonts
  3. Yahoo IM
  4. Kaspersky
  5. AOL Im
  6. ...........

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Flickr Support for Blogger in beta

Flickr has added support for the new version of Blogger in beta! Now you can blog and post photos directly from Flickr to your beta blog.

news from buzz.blogger.com

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fontfinder-font search engine

fontfinder is an font search engine,there are 44215 fonts in their database now. site: http://www.fontfinder.ws/ Technorati Tags: , , ,

Offical Blogs of Baidu

Baidu recently launched its company blog in Baidu Space, Previously, Baidu also open several blogs for its various products, such as blog for Baidu top search, Baidu Space, Baidu Knows, and Baidu Post Bar.


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Browser share of web2.0viewer

wow,as my first English IT Blog,most of audience are using firefox(totally 54+%) ,congratulate to Firefox!

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how to shoot off planes

封面 <how to shoot off planes> published by Guangzhou military region headquarters in Feb 2,1965, this book will teach you how to shoot down U2 and other military airplanes(form US) by common rifles and tommy guns. How clever and brave the Chinese people were! source Technorati Tags: , , ,

September 11, 2006

Free Portable Virtual Privacy Machine

i think this is a better virtual pc software,it will configure automaticlly after installation,no need to reboot and very small(only 78M,available pre-installed on a 256 megabyte usb stick). why not try to install ubuntu or other desktop linux under it? MetroPipe site: http://www.metropipe.net/pvpm.php Technorati Tags: , ,

top 5 ugly google logos

Link: http://www.google.com/logos/carlpgoogle.gif

Link: http://www.google.com/logos/oldgoogle.gif

Link: http://www.google.com/logos/googlelogo.gif

Link: http://www.google.com/logos/google1.jpg

Link: http://www.google.com/logos/google3.jpg


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filexoom-free 2GB storage

filexoom provides free 2GB storage,unlimited for download,max 100MB for upload at one time.

however,the only impression filexoom is the neally full screen of Google adsense....

click this mp3 to test the download speed  http://filexoom.com/files/16990/zhang.mp3

site: http://filexoom.com

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calcoolate-online calculator

calcoolate is the coolest calculator on the web

site: http://www.calcoolate.com/index.html

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Springdoo-free video email

Springdoo is easy, fast and free video email. It’s just like sending an email, but you talk, recipients watch and listen. "ultimate personal connecting solution":
  • Anywhere
  • Anytime
  • For anyone
  • Quick, easy
  • No expensive technology required
  • Available globally
  • Capture emotion, passion and deliver
  • the true message
  • Fun, inspiring, discreet
  • Unobtrusive
  • Simple
site: http://springdoo.com/ PS: their UI is very beautiful Technorati Tags: , , ,

sf.net steal Baidu's Logo?

my friend gave me this snapshot,i wonder if sf.net very like baidu's Logo?

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Godaddy provide Free webhosting

Turns out Godaddy has a program for free, ad-supported web hosting if the domain was registered through them. Link is to FAQ on how to set it up.
GoDaddy.com -- Make a .com name with us!®

news form here

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Photoblog.com another photo blog for free special:Photoblog on Facebook
You can add your photoblog to your Facebook account to share with your friends. Posting a new entry on your photoblog will automatically be reflected on your Facebook. Follow the Photoblog on Facebook instructions to set this up.
site: http://www.photoblog.com Technorati Tags: , ,

wikihow-help you to use wiki

wikiHow is a collaborative writing project to build the world's largest how-to manual. With your contributions, we can create a free resource that helps people by offering clear, concise solutions to the problems of everyday life. wikiHow currently contains 11,398 articles written, edited, and maintained primarily by volunteers. Please join us by writing a new page, or editing a page that someone else has started.

site: http://www.wikihow.com/

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xdrive-FREE 5GB space

图像 “http://www.xdrive.com/images/home_h1.gif” 因其本身有错无法显示。
5GB of FREE space, and save a secure copy of your photo collection, home videos, music, and any other digital file!
In the process that i was registering this service,aol sent me 3 unimportant emails with the boring imformations.do i need you(aol) to tell so many things?besides,it's very very 'fast' at least in China! site: www.xdrive.com Technorati Tags: , , ,

September 10, 2006

Google Spreadsheets update

additions and improvements:
  • Multiple lines in the same cell
  • Gmail contacts
  • Let anyone view
  • Take your data anywhere
via site: http://spreadsheets.google.com/ Technorati Tags: , ,

Picsir-an image scanner and gallery generator

Picsir is an image scanner and gallery generator. It looks for images based on an image link that you provide above. It works by incrementing numbers in the original file name in attempt to find and display more images that might follow a similiar pattern. site: http://picsir.com/ Technorati Tags: , , , ,

del.icio.us direc.tor

del.icio.us direc.tor is a prototype for an alternative web-based rich UI for del.icio.us. It leverages the XML and XSL services of modern browsers to deliver a responsive interface for managing user accounts with a large number of records.

The main features are:

  • In-browser handling of del.icio.us bookmarks (tested up to 12,000 records)
  • Find-as-you-type searching of all your bookmarks, with basic search operators
  • Sort by description, tags, or timestamp
  • Ad-hoc tag browser
site: http://johnvey.com/features/deliciousdirector/ Technorati Tags: ,

PS2 simulator is playable!

The PAL (SCES 5049x) version of Final Fantasy X is now Playable. Thanks to a variety of fixes made by various members of the team, including
  • MTGS / DC mode stability
  • IPU fixes, including fully working sound in videos
  • Pause and sync issues, no more random hangs, looping etc
  • SPU2 fixes, including ADMA, and timing related issues.
With MTGS / DC stability, the game can be played at 'enjoyable' speeds, ranging from a base speed of 29 FPS in the most intense areas, right up to the peak speeds of over 140 FPS. The average frame rate I was achieving was ~50 FPS.

Click image for larger version  Name:	snap001.jpg Views:	1731 Size:	81.4 KB ID:	119517  Click image for larger version  Name:	snap002.jpg Views:	1482 Size:	60.8 KB ID:	119518  Click image for larger version  Name:	snap003.jpg Views:	838 Size:	69.6 KB ID:	119519  Click image for larger version  Name:	snap004.jpg Views:	540 Size:	60.4 KB ID:	119520  Click image for larger version  Name:	snap005.jpg Views:	657 Size:	97.1 KB ID:	119521  Click image for larger version  Name:	snap006.jpg Views:	832 Size:	56.2 KB ID:	119522  Click image for larger version  Name:	snap007.jpg Views:	784 Size:	66.1 KB ID:	119523  Click image for larger version  Name:	snap008.jpg Views:	1393 Size:	43.1 KB ID:	119524  Click image for larger version  Name:	snap009.jpg Views:	1085 Size:	89.1 KB ID:	119525  Click image for larger version  Name:	snap010.jpg Views:	1083 Size:	97.9 KB ID:	119526  Click image for larger version  Name:	snap011.jpg Views:	813 Size:	69.8 KB ID:	119527  Click image for larger version  Name:	snap012.jpg Views:	732 Size:	101.4 KB ID:	119528  Click image for larger version  Name:	snap013.jpg Views:	660 Size:	75.8 KB ID:	119529  Click image for larger version  Name:	snap014.jpg Views:	690 Size:	74.1 KB ID:	119530  Click image for larger version  Name:	snap015.jpg Views:	743 Size:	88.5 KB ID:	119531  Click image for larger version  Name:	snap016.jpg Views:	466 Size:	68.4 KB ID:	119532  Click image for larger version  Name:	snap017.jpg Views:	695 Size:	34.9 KB ID:	119533  Click image for larger version  Name:	snap018.jpg Views:	838 Size:	71.4 KB ID:	119534  Click image for larger version  Name:	snap019.jpg Views:	599 Size:	54.8 KB ID:	119535  Click image for larger version  Name:	snap020.jpg Views:	2080 Size:	50.3 KB ID:	119536 

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