September 28, 2006

a collection of China Blog search engines

If you know that Technorati has been blocked in China for a long time,then it will be easy to understand why China has so many foolish and useless Blog search engines that even can find out my Blog!

However,i feel make a collection list of them will be help some foreigners who may be interested in investing these rubbish engines :)   the founder fo oao says his search engine has the largest database in China,tracking over 4 million blogs.  Plz don't take him and his site too serious,the are totally untrue   powered by newsants
   another rubbish site...   tracking 23376 chinese rss and ATOM,nobody konws what happen to it recently,may be you can't open its homepage   lt seems to be closed...      a formal Blog search engine    podcast search engine      few information can be found in the internet,just so so

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