September 08, 2006

top 10 list of Firefox Web 2.0 add-ons

Read/WriteWeb's Richard MacManus and AdaptiveBlue's Alex generated a top 10 list of Firefox Web 2.0 add-ons.They are browsterBrowster -a very cool add-on that enhances your browsing experience - for example mousing over a link gives you a preview of the website. Answers -an add-on that promises to "instantly deliver the information you are looking for". It comes from, which is a popular online dictionary and Wikipedia syndication site. The blueorganizer smart browsing extension for Firefox is developed by Alex's company adaptiveblue. This extension drives productivity by building smarts and semantics into the browser. The extension for Firefox as below,It integrates with the Firefox toolbar and provides extra options such as right-click menu and highlight text to add notes.
StumbleUpon -an increasingly popular bookmarking tool clipmarksClipMarks -an early pioneer in the clipping space. Users clip pieces out of web pages and share these bits with each other. They can also tag and lookup the clips, but not much more can be done since the information is not structured. google notebookGoogle Notebook is very similar to Clipmarks, but has better Firefox integration. The last two Add-ons are famous RSS Readers-Sage and Wizz RSS Technorati Tags: , ,

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